”The Glamour Of Italian Fashion”- the much expected V&A Museum forthcoming Exhibition


Fashion show in Sala Bianca, 1955. Archivio Giorgini. Photo by G.M. Fadigati © Giorgini Archive, Florence.

The Glamour of Italian Fashion 1945 – 2014-About the exhibition

This major exhibition is a glamorous, comprehensive look at Italian Fashion from the end of the Second World War to the present day. The story is explored through the key individuals and organisations that have contributed to its reputation for quality and style. It includes both womens and menswear to highlight the exceptional quality of techniques, materials and expertise for which Italy has become renowned.

The exhibition examines Italy’s dramatic transition from post-war ruins to the luxury paraded in the landmark ‘Sala Bianca’ catwalk shows held in Florence in the 1950s, which propelled Italian fashion onto the world stage. During the 1950s and ’60s the many Hollywood films that were shot on location in Italy had an enormous impact on fashion as stars like Audrey Hepburn and Elizabeth Taylor became style ambassadors for Italian fashion, fuelling a keen international appetite for luxurious clothing made in Italy. On display are around 90 ensembles and accessories by leading Italian fashion houses including Simonetta, Pucci, Sorelle Fontana, Valentino, Gucci, Missoni, Giorgio Armani, Dolce & Gabbana, Prada and Versace, through to the next generation of fashion talent.

Also:Sponsored by Bulgari
Bulgari is proud to sponsor this exhibition. Bulgari is an emblem of Italian creativity and craftsmanship, renowned for its distinctively Italian style. From the 1960s Bulgari was acclaimed for creative designs incorporating colored gemstones. This exhibition features legendary jewels once owned by Elizabeth Taylor.

Elizabeth Taylor wears Bulgari jewellery, 1967 Elizabeth Taylor wears Bulgari jewellery at the masked ball, Hotel Ca'Rezzonico, Venice, 1967.

Elizabeth Taylor wears Bulgari jewellery at the masked ball, Hotel Ca’Rezzonico, Venice, 1967.


Ankle boots, designed by Dolce & Gabbana, 2000


Evening dress of embroidered net and matelasse coat by Mila Schon,1966


Gianfranco Ferre advert, Fall/Winter 1991. Model: Aly Dunne,Photographer: Gian Paolo Barbieri.


Missoni/Fashion in Motion at the V&A, November 2003


Evening dress of silk, designed by Roberto Capucci, 1987-1988


PRADA Resort 2014 campaign shot by Steven Meisel partly revealed.


Prada released today three images from their much-expected Resort 2014 campaign.Shot by Steven Meisel in New York,it features models Amanda Murphy, Anna Ewers, and Cameron Russell.The whole approach seems to be a ”relaxed” approach to female power plus an ode to colors and fabrics,a kind of sensuality that goes back to 19th century portraiture.

Prada-Resort-2014-Steven-Meisel-02 Prada-Resort-2014-Steven-Meisel-03

”ISABELLA BLOW: FASHION GALORE!”- exhibition catalogue shot by Nick Knight

© Isabella Blow: Fashion Galore! Edited by Alistair O’Neill -photography by Nick Knight

© Isabella Blow: Fashion Galore! Edited by Alistair O’Neill -photography by Nick Knight

The Isabella Blow Foundation is thrilled to announce our forthcoming exhibition in collaboration with Somerset House and Central Saint Martins College of Arts and Design.

Isabella Blow: Fashion Galore! will open on 20th November 2013 and run until 2nd March 2014. One of the foundation’s primary objectives was to stage an exhibition, and to have this goal realised in such a culturally significant setting, with the support of Isabella’s family, is truly exciting. Co-curated by Alistair O’Neill and Shonagh Marshall, the exhibition will showcase Isabella’s idiosyncratic wardrobe amassed throughout her expansive styling career. The iconic collection, now owned by Daphne Guinness, is being loaned to the exhibition along with photographs, correspondence and footage contributed by those who knew her and whose lives she changed. Spanning her life and loves, the show will explore the well of cultural and historical inspirations from which her work sprung, with instillations created by celebrated set designer Shona Heath. Among the pieces exhibited will be highlights from Alexander McQueen’s precious graduate collection; famously purchased in its entirety by Blow when she discovered him at St Martin’s. In addition: assorted hats by protégé Philip Treacy, as well as pieces by designers she championed including Jeremy Scott, Julien Macdonald, Viktor & Rolf, Fendi, Escada, Prada, and Marni.

(The Isabella Blow Foundation)





Anne Hathaway issues apology over Oscars dress selection-Fashion drama queen off-screen


It is not without feeling baffled that I’ve read Anne Hathaway’s public apology for not wearing the Valentino dress she had planned to wear at the Oscar Ceremony and choose a Prada piece.Of course,there is the lifelong friendship she indeed has with Valentino but was that really an issue for an ”apology” and thus a ”public” one?There is though the press release of the House affirming she was to wear Valentino,all arranged months before.Now the questions that arise are two:Why does she have to explain her choice in public and b) I always used to think that Oscars were about films and the actual drama was taking place on screen.Who took it off screen?

The whole apology Hathaway issued is at the very least funny,just as the issuing of it altogether: ”It came to my attention late Saturday night that there would be a dress worn to the Oscars that is remarkably similar to the Valentino I had intended to wear, and so I decided it was best for all involved to change my plans. Though I love the dress I did wear, it was a difficult last-minute decision as I had so looked forward to wearing Valentino in honour of the deep and meaningful relationship I have enjoyed with the house and with Valentino himself. I deeply regret any disappointment caused.”

Vera Wand took over in WWD by stating :” when the same situation happens to her “It’s like having your guts ripped out of you because you’ve given it your all.””It’s so painful not only to you, but your sewers, your staff, your assistants and PR people. It is devastating,” What about the money/publicity issue?No word at all?

Celebrities wearing designer dresses in big occasions such as the Oscars are walking adverts for the fashion Houses.Anne Hathaway has become a sough-after person to dress after her successful presence in ”Les Miserables” film.Rejecting a gown instead of an other costs not in guilts or sentiments but in real money and possible future collaborations.Celebrities know this path well and so Mrs Hathaway.This totally unnecessary public ”mean culpa” was a childish effort to gain of an incoming loss.Childish to us,pretty important to her and her styling team.Still,going public made the issue bigger that it should actually be and made her look,ahem, not that clever.Btw,Oscars were about film,right?Cinema anyone?Real drama?And by that i absolutely don’t mean Mrs Hathaway’s nipples.Yikes.

Angel Barta,the designer,the talent,the fashion drama and Marc Jacobs’ role.

Angel Barta and Marc Jacobs

Angel Barta and Marc Jacobs

I thought it would have been much interesting should i manage to feature an interview with Angel Barta. She and her story seem to epitomize modern fashion circles,reality and,yes,common people’s prejudices in the people working in the industry that most times have a hint of reality.The whole interview made me think,i must admit and i bet it will also engage you  in re- thinking fashion industry issues.And that’s healthy,i promise.

-I really loved your collection.How can someone obtain,lets say,a coat of yours,or they are custom made unique pieces?

Each piece of my collection is hand made, unique, one of a kind made in the highest quality, real couture. My brand will be ready soon. In the near future people can order my clothes directly from me.

-You also wrote a book,” The Secret Love Affair in Paris”.What made you write it and what is it about?

My book is about the first 2 years of my relationship with Marc Jacobs. I wrote about the fashion world, my life in Paris, my passion for clothes and beauty.

I meet Marc Jacobs in the beginning of 2008 in Paris at the gym called L’Usine. He noticed me in the first moment. He told me he loved me and would make a topmodel out of me. He said he could sell ANYthing with my face. He invited me to private parties, to his Louis Vuitton show and dinner after. He was amazed by my personality and by the style that I represent. Then he realized that I have talent for fashion design. I have a unique style. Something that I did not study, it was born with me. He fooled me with love and promises of a big career in order to get my ideas for free. Anything I did he copied it for himself. He copied my designes, my lookbook, my photos, my colours, my shapes, my movements, my text ( in his interviews he said the same things that I usually say) my style, everything that is me.  He tries to live MY live. He says he wants to see the world through my eyes. He kept telling me that he would own up to loving me and tell the fashion world that he designed about me. But he never did.
In 2009 I realized that Jacobs just used me and my talent for his own success. I told him to stop designing about me and look for another muse, because I did not want to inspire him anymore! I wanted to live my life without him. I did not give him photos anymore. He did not let me go. He sent spyware to my pc, to my cell phone, he hired people to follow me and take photos of me on the street. So he got my ideas anyway in a very sneaky way.
Then I decided to write my story with him in a book. I used fake names in my book since I did not want Marc to have any problem out of it. I just hoped that after he reads my book he would let me go and leave me alone.
Would you mind explaining the whole issue regarding your style and Marc Jacobs?As i read it i found his behavior quite unprofessional..
Well,he became addicted to the success he earned with my ideas and he just could not let it go. As a revenge for my book, he gave all my dreams and wishes to other girls from my country. He started to make Hungarian models popular. In the big fashion magazines they had to act and poise the way I do on my photos. He also dressed them up the way I am dressing everyday!
What was the role of Katie Grand in the whole issue?
Katie Grand is the main supporter of Marc. She and the assistants and the friends of Marc, they all know about my story and they all support Marc in his cruel game against me. Katie Grand works for many brands and magazines. She helped Marc to spread my style and copy my photos in Vogue, LOVE magazine etc. Katie Grand casted the Hungarian models to many big shows such as Nina Ricci, Ungaro, Giles, Miu Miu and big campaigns like Prada. Vanessa Axente, a young Hungarian model has been the face of Prada for more than 3 seasons. ( only Sasha P. had 2 seasons long contract with Prada before.) The Hungarian models were unknown to the fashion industry before I met Marc. He supports them in order to pressure me.
Here is how they copied me for Prada and Miu Miu:
Here is an article on how obsessed Jacobs is with women: http://styleangelique.blogspot.hu/2013/01/marc-jacobs-is-obsessed-with-women-it.html
I don’t know if you have already that. Here is my latest article with updates on Lily McMenamy: http://styleangelique.blogspot.hu/2013/05/if-you-want-to-walk-marc-jacobs-runway.html
What advice would you give to young designers starting their career in the cruel fashion industry?
My advice for the young fashion designers: If you are talented try not to meet Marc Jacobs! Because he controls the whole fashion world and he supports only the untalented people. He does not want talented designers to work in the industry…. and never post your work on the internet because they copy young designers all the time. Don’t keep your ideas on your computer, because from your Facebook they can easily hack your pc and get your secret ideas.  Famous designers have to design so many collections each year that they just don’t have new ideas any more.
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Its not just Prada,its Catherine Martin,the Oscar winning costume designer behind ”The Great Gatsby’s” costumes and settings


This post’s to make things clear aka to show some light behind Miuccia Prada’s uber celebrative mode regarding the ”Great Gatsby” film costumes.Whilst there’s no doubt that several excellent made evening dresses were design with the film in mind (and being exposed in New York),still all have to have the approval of the actual costume designer of the film,Catherine Martin and Baz Luhrmann’s wife. Its a fruitful collaboration between the couple,with Martin winning two Oscars for her work in ”Moulin Rouge’‘.It is said that it took her team no less than  14 weeks  to build, paint, and decorate Gatsby’s mansion,consisting of a grand ballroom, library,bedroom, entrance hall plus the likes of the garden.Now,that’s what i call devoted to perfection.

She is the person that sought the collaboration with the House of Prada,cleverly gaining an extra promotion of the film,making the film’s aesthetics being ”in fashion” and creating expectation regarding the actual screening of it.The costumes are impeccable,the settings breathtaking meaning that another fruitful collaboration of the pair (Lurmann and Martin) has taken place.

item1.size.0.0.great-gatsby-movie-set-design-02-gatsby-mansion-ballroom item2.size.0.0.great-gatsby-movie-set-design-08-jay-gatsby-bedroom item4.size.0.0.great-gatsby-movie-set-design-09-leonardo-dicaprio-carey-mulligan item7.size.0.0.great-gatsby-movie-set-design-06-buchanan-mansion-exterior item8.size.0.0.great-gatsby-movie-set-design-07-daisy-buchanan-sitting-room