Photographer’s Russell Hand… Memoirs

Russell Hand constitutes a rather unique case in fashion world. With a great sense of the overall concept and a strong,personal view, he creatively moves from fashion to art photography, involving himself in several avant-garde art projects. His low -profile personality has little to do with the extravaganza of the fashion tribe but it only takes a coffee, with him passionately explaining his ideas, to blow your mind away.Enjoy the ride.

‘My photographic work comes from memory… or rather my memories… I rarely either travel with a camera or take pictures in the everyday… Partly, as someone said to me, because I have a very good visual memory & documenting my actual life freezes the moment & separates it from a continuity, so I don’t, but then use my memories & the past to shoot… Which is a very different to the way I work in other media…’

Russell Hand…