Marios Schwab Spring 2015 Ready-to-Wear-in Marios we trust!


They claim there’s a film-noir elements in Schwab’s collection in the bast,so the new one should have some dark elements. Nop!Like it or not the collection was a lesson in avant garde tailoring and the essence of umber chic with a twist.This season,Schwab’s idea seems to be the re-constructive process and the exploration of  strict, tailor made outfits.And it worked.It was so refreshing to view all items us women mostly use,presented us as never before, pushing thus the boundaries between casual chic and.. hardcore chic.The result?Interesting,floating items,redesigned jackets as well as making references to ancient Greek dressing manners-interesting!Let alone all the process of actually de-constructive using old patterns-turn new, along with flawless and almost new!I’d love to see more black’s actually but i can wait till next season,i swear i will!


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Marios Schwab Fall RTW 2014-”Till next time”


I must say that,apart from my personal fondness,Marios Schwab is an editors’ protegee.Imagine the awkwardness caused by his Fall 2014 collection when provided us with utterly ”nothing new”. Was all those ill-tailored sharp lines an aim of becoming the new ”Hedi Slimane”?In any case,the collection had it all,bomber jackets,candles for creating ”atmosphere”,interesting Grecian-inspired dresses,a subtle palette with dark-goth references ,but still all those elements managed NOT to work together.It takes the genius of a McQueen to make them work,indeed and Marios isn’t lacking talent,but clearly he was lacking vision.I give him the credit of being in the process of creating a new one.But this wasn’t happening in that show. Btw,dark-goth related chokers accompanied by 60’s greek mainstream pop still is another faux pas.Just in case you didn’t notice what was happening in the finale.I keep the embellished dresses.Till next time Marios..








CHIARA SKURA concept video for Vogue it,featuring Marios Schwab Spring Summer 2012-loving it!

“We’re each of us our own chiaroscuro, our own bit of illusion trying to emerge into something solid, something real. We’ve got to forgive ourselves that. I must remember to forgive myself. Because there’s an awful lot of gray to work with. No one can live in the light all the time.”

 Libba BrayA Great and Terrible Beauty


Latest film of the – A Short Film With series, CHIARA SKURA, a collaboration with Marios Schwab featuring his hot Spring Summer 2012 collection.

Watch it.I loved it.



A Short Film With Marios Schwab
by Antoine Asseraf & René Habermacher

featuring the SS2012 collection Chiaroscuro

Starring Amy Bailey and Marios Schwab.

Produced in collaboration with Vogue Italia.

Christmas Wishes with designer cards.What’s your favorite??

Marios Schwab

Marios Schwab

Aminaka Wilmont

Aminaka Wilmont



Atalanta Weller

Atalanta Weller

Matthew Williamson

Matthew Williamson

Stephen Jones

Stephen Jones

Zandra Rhodes

Zandra Rhodes





”Kallisti” series of underwear designed by…Marios Schwab teamed with ASOS online!


Ok, admit it,the last person you’ll think of launching a female underwear line is Marios Schwab. Still,Caren Downie, fashion director of ASOS online (part of their designer support platform are Mario’s underwear designs), would strongly disagree by stating that: ”If someone was destined to design female underwear,there is no other that Marios Schwab.” Well,she knows better.

The London-based designer chooses to celebrate his Greek roots by naming his collection ”Kallisti” (in Greek  Καλλίστη,meaning the most beautiful), after an ancient Greek myth including a rival between Hera,Athena and Aphrodite on the matter of beauty..what else? As for the color palette, expect shades of f berry, midnight blue, and poppy red,with hints of black and nude as well as a range of coral, rust, and dusty pink.metal plates to juxtapose the different textures. An intricate work of latticework on bodices, heavily stitched ”Shaper Dresses” plus slip dresses complete the intriguing collection.

The line will comprise 40 pieces – 25 items will be available online in November, while the remaining 15 will hit the site in January. Schwab’s preference of lace,taffeta and mesh are obvious to the whole line. Other highlights of the collection are the All-Over Stretch dress, Wrap Wra and Spider Web bra.

.The designer himself explains: ‘‘The art of mixing underwear elements,all this world of apparel that remains hidden underneath the clothes is a constant source of inspiration.The details in stitching and the techniques used, is something that i recall from my childhood, directly from my father’s work( a underwear design engineer).Now,those elements later became obvious in my overall philosophy of ready-to-wear collections, mostly the idea that the clothing surface pays tribute to what lies beneath!”  Marios,we salute you!


Ballgowns:”British Glamour Since 1950”!

Victor Edelstein,1986

Ball gowns,debutante balls and red-carpet dresses have remarkably evolved over the past years and this interesting phenomenon is being captured at the relevant Victoria and Albert Museum Exhibition. As stated by Sonnet Stanfill, co-curator of the exhibition: ” We aim to focus on British design in the year of the Olympics therefore it seemed normal to choose the best evening wear from British designers for display.”

We are talking,of course,of Alexander McQueen gowns,Stella Mc Cartney,Mario’s Schwab and less known but no less skilled Ralph and Russo designs. A ball gown is evocative,having a sense of ceremony and at the same time,provides the canvas for designers to experiment on cut and color.And of course,it is the way it is worn that makes the final impression lasting and the dress itself a sartorial legend in fashion timeline.And we all get fascinated by legends the details below.

”Ballgowns:British Glamour Since 1950” exhibition

19 May-6 January 2013

Victoria And Albert Museum

Alexander McQueen S/S 2011

Norman Hartnell,1953

SIX plus THREE DESIGNERS Exhibition,The Hellenic Centre, London

I personally never seized to believe in Greek Fashion.Not because I’m of Greek origin but,lets say, from a deep feeling that that is worth WILL be widely recognized and there it is,thanks to the valuable effort of the people from the  Peloponnesian Folklore Foundation.And that’s how the fabulous exhibition ”SIX plus THREE DESIGNERS took shape.Proudly exhibiting garments from greek designers ranging from Jean Dessès, Yannis Evangelides, James Galanos, Dimis Kritsas, George Stavropoulos, and Yannis Tseklenis along with pieces from the three international ones’, Mary Katrantzou (read:excellent prints),Marios Schwab (perhaps my favorite pattern cutting of all) and,of course, Sophia Kokosalaki with her excellent Grecian-inspired pieces. Ioanna Papantoniou, President of the Peloponnesian Folklore Foundation (who also delivered the opening speech,and her collaborators did their bet to promote Greek culture and art in times that such an endeavor is essential.Congratulations to all.

Now,useful info as its damn worth a visit:


The Hellenic Centre
6-18 Paddington Street

Sophia Kokosalaki

Marios Schwab

Mary Katrantzou