Kevan Hall SPRING 2011/inside view by stylist Kendrick Osorio!

Kendrick Osorio indulges himself into our favorite.. “Inter-View” section..

“So,2 days before the show was to be unveiled-  I was asked by Mr Hall I would
I like to be involved, I was like Omg- just off the Golden Globes , I was tired
into pieces!. But, Kevan Hall has always supported me,as much  as I have supported him.

So i took action….

I didn’t want it to be a runway show, which the location layout resembled,

I needed stages. Kevan trusted my instincts and the process began.

As the models arrived,   Kevan decided what dress fit the best. I was
looking for attitude, personality and individuality in the models, because
to make this a journey and inspire people the models needed heart and not
afraid  of there individuality. Then I started divulging the vision.  I
didn’t just want the models to walk, I needed them to perform and include
the guest in the show. I often visit Kevan’s Salon, and have witnessed his
hands- on approach with every detail, and most importantly his kind spirit,
and last but not least his great team.

That is what I wanted people to take away from this show. Kevan’s love of a
women a size 2 or 14’s  heart, that will always be a girl or 16.
Then off to Lucien Lacasse antic store “The collection “to find treasures
to set the stage.
Our first model was a young full of life red head, who I felt was perfect
for the opening. I wanted her to forget about the audience following the
pink balloons while dancing, spinning. Then, standing still for a moment
smiling at her today, making wishes of dreams for tomorrow, while wearing a
carol ruffled chiffon dress barefoot, to the music of two sir with love by

Well, those schoolgirl days of telling tales and biting nails are gone..
But in my mind I know they will still live on and on
Then, an incredible sassy bronze skin tango dancer meets Martha Graham,
exuding confidence, and the fire within her that every women never lets go
out, to the music of Moulin Rouge ~ El Tango de Roxanne.

What’s it all about, Alfie? Song by  Dionne Warwick fills the room, to
reveal a dress that might even remind a straight man of Cinderella,  and
the idea he’s just a boy looking for a girl. Each model  was magnificent,
because they helped me show  what I personally believe: Kevan Hall is a fashion man of a moment!So, stay tuned..

{A live photoshoot, runway and interactive event and interview with Designer Kevan Hall at Agenda Loft in downtown, Los Angeles. Art direction & Styling by Kendrick Osorio.}


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