”Women in Art : Figures of Influence” a book about modern muses -black and white portraits by Reed Krakoff


”Women in Art : Figures of Influence” is not only visual stimulating as it contains exquisite black and white portraits by Reed Krakoff,is also challenging as it features some of the most influential women in modern art  in line with the Proust Questionnaire and Fashion Questionnaire! A selection of each woman’s work is being of course featured let her be an artist, a gallery owner, a head of a major institution.Valentina Castellani, Amine Rech, Jeanne Greenberg Rohatyn, Dominique Lévy, Lucy Chadwick are only some of the talented.creative and innovative women that are being featured in this must-have publication for all art lovers. Available from Colette boutique.

Should you are in Paris,book signing is taking place on Tuesday, May 14 from 6 pm to 7 pm. Assouline Publishing Corporation

Objet du desir-Lara Melchior’s ”butterfly” rings for Colette.

Early showing her interest in art as inspiration by creating a collection after Gustav Klimt’s Gold Cycle, designer Laura Melchior presents a series of pieces with a touch of modernity along with ethnic influences plus a strong artistic touch.With butterflies as her main focus of creative interest, she creates a stunning series of rings adorned with,ahem,butterflies exclusively for Colette boutique ( from where i must order it i suppose) as it consists my recent ”object du desir”.

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