New category:Objet du desir-Luis Vuitton Minaudière.Bijou!

Dear Sybilians,

With this very post i aspire to start a series of short posts under the title “objet du desir”, showcasing items(aka clothing,accessories,etc) that i consider of interest in terms of chicness, and also would love to have them as presents for my birthday.Stay tuned.

The most recent obsession isn’t something new yet it does make an impression and consists the epitome of chic clutch design, the Luis Vuitton Minaudière.Bijou.An evening accessory that’s almost worth its (very) high price plus taking the first role in most outfits so, should you hold it,treat it with care and dress accordingly.Being embellished with gold that shimmers combined with dark tortoiseshell color would have been enough to impress,weren’t for its unique design.A design masterpiece,indeed that oozes old fashioned Hollywood glamour.