Pepe Jeans London Spring Summer 2015 ad campaign lensed by Mario Sorrenti

Pepe Jeans London Spring Summer 2015 ad campaign lensed by Mario Sorrenti and starring Cara Delevingne,

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Nick Knight’s archives celebrate ”Unseen McQueen” via Showstudio, from 13 to 20 March


”Give me time and I will give you a revolution”

~Alexander McQueen~

Voss, September 2000 London3

In conjunction with the opening of ‘Savage Beauty’ at the V&A on 14 March 2015, SHOWstudio celebrates the life of the late Lee McQueen and his fruitful bond with Nick Knight. Knight has filmed all of his photoshoots since the late eighties and, for the first time, reveals hidden gems from his archive to the public. One piece of unseen McQueen footage will be revealed each day from 13 to 20 March.

SHOWstudio founder and acclaimed image-maker Nick Knight has filmed all of his photoshoots since the late eighties. In his extensive personal archive sits footage of some of his most iconic shoots – from Dior campaigns with John Galliano to pioneering editorials for the likes of Visionaire and Vogue. In a very special initiative, Knight will reveal a run of previously unseen gems from this extensive archive to the public as a means of celebrating his longterm working relationship with the late Lee McQueen. The SHOWstudio team and Knight’s photographic assistants have spent months searching through endless tapes and days of footage, digitalising early work and editing their finds into beautiful films.

Launching in conjunction with the opening of Savage Beauty at the V&A, London on 14 March 2015, SHOWstudio’s Unseen McQueen series will celebrate the life and work of the late designer by revealing previously unreleased interviews and behind-the-scenes footage from some of his most iconic projects. Knight’s relationship with McQueen, who passed away in February 2010, began formally in 1996, when the two collaborated on a series of images for the Florence Biennale, though the pair had met previously at events and McQueen had begun to send Knight an annual Christmas fax. For Spring/Summer 2010, SHOWstudio famously live-streamed Plato’s Atlanis, McQueen’s final collection before his death.

Footage to be released as part of Unseen McQueen includes a candid interview with McQueen, filmed at the early stages of his career in 1997, footage of Knight shooting McQueen for the April 1998 cover of The Face– a now iconic image – and a video of Knight, Katy England, Michael Clark and McQueen collaborating on the unforgettable Blade of Light image featuring clothing from the They Shoot Horses, Don’t They? collection from Spring/Summer 2004.

One piece of unseen footage will be revealed each day from 13 – 20 March 2015. To explain and unpick the footage, SHOWstudio editor Lou Stoppard will interview Knight about each new release, shedding light on their working relationship, McQueen as a man and the vision and ideas behind their collaborations. Theory and analysis on themes pertaining to McQueen’s life and legacy – from his love of spectacle and commitment to pushing the boundaries of fashion presentation to the nature of the fashion exhibition – will also be offered through interviews with those who worked with McQueen and experts who have studied his work.

The magical world of wardrobe stylist Anna Katsanis-An interview

ELLE-154-Beauty Taka-2a


Proudly presenting Anna Katsanis a renowned wardrobe stylist with a signature ‘look’ or approach to fashion apparel that make her collaborations stand out for their innovating look and chic aesthetics.Anna Katsanis is a ny based wardrobe stylist whose interest in fashion came at a young age from her love of art and design. She received her degree from F.I.T in Fashion Merchandising Management & Advertising & Marketing Communications. Anna got her start interning under editors in the fashion departments of some of the most coveted magazines in ny. Anna has styled high fashion editorials for several international publications of Vogue, Elle, Marie Claire, Tatler, L’Officiel. Her naturalistic approach to wardrobe styling is inspired by making women feel that fashion is both approachable & wearable. She is inspired by all things glamour and a love of vintage fashion & design. Anna is currently the merchandise editor at IN NY Magazine. Her e-commerce client includes Century 21 department stores. She has worked with celebrities from Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton, Atlanta De Cadenet, Ivanka Trump, Li Bing Bing, Ezra Miller, Paul Dano, Bethenny Frankel, Elisabeth Rohm, and artists such as Natalia Kills, Cults, Sons & Keri Hilson.Here she engages herself to the Sybilia questionnaire-and we feel privileged for that!

-What mostly influenced you to get involved with fashion/art?

It started first with my love for illustration. I would draw portraits, and sketch fashion croquis and clothing from a young age. I attended the Cooper Union School of Art for weekend classes when I was 12 and was exposed to all kinds of art from 2 & 3 dimensional design, to large scale sculptures, painting, etc., which continued throughout high school. I was obsessed with art and fashion, which lead me to FIT.
One day a fashion editor from Elle Magazine came to speak to our class about her job and from then on I knew I wanted to learn more so I applied for an internship in their fashion department. The rest was history.

-How you will describe your personal aesthetics/vision?
I have a definite appreciation for cinema and have been greatly influenced by both movies and music. I love the 40’s, 50’s, 60’s, 70’s. When researching for a photoshoot, for me it’s all about the character, and who is the person behind this story. Also I love to approach styling that is both approachable and attainable for women. I love mixing more whimsical pieces with more chic/ classic pieces because I feel like women should have fun with what they wear and not take themselves too seriously.

Is there someone you’d like to do/work for and haven’t done it so far?

I would love to collaborate with photographers Sofia Sanchez & Mauro Mongiello, & Miles Aldridge. I greatly admire their work and vision & would love to work with them.

Are there any contemporary (or older) creatives that inspire you?

I am incredibly inspired by what photographers Mert & Marcus have done and are doing, as well Miuccia Prada. Guy Bourdin has definitely inspired me in my career as well as Helmut Newton.


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More info:

Anna Katsanis

Wardrobe Stylist

Represented by The Wall Group




Oscar de la Renta: A visual tribute to his astonishing work along with his quotes that made an impact




“Fashion is about the present and the immediate future. I think in terms of now.”


“Fashion is about dressing according to what’s fashionable. Style is more about being yourself.”

oscar de la renta, fall 2014.

oscar de la renta, fall 2014.


“I hate pretty. It’s a very empty word. It gives a bad name to beauty.”

oscar de la renta, bridal 2015

oscar de la renta, bridal 2015

“I design clothes for women to wear. I am not interested in shock tactics. I just want to make beautiful clothes.


oscar de la renta spring 2014 photo by rachel scroggins

oscar de la renta spring 2014 photo by rachel scroggins

Oscar de la Renta3

“Walk like you have three men walking behind you.”

The Cloud dress, Oscar de la Renta, 2012.

The Cloud dress, Oscar de la Renta, 2012.


Sylvia Gobbel,Helmut Newton’s muse-The model,the beauty,the woman,an exclusive Inter-View to Sybilia’s F.Diary


Helmut Newton for Pomellato

Sylvia Gobbel is a super successful model and Helmut Newton’s favorite face, as he took numerous shots of her and also put her on the cover of his book of “Big Nudes”.Sylvia had the chance to work with A-list photographers such as Guy Bourdin, Gianpaolo Barbieri, Oliviero Toscani and Peter Lindbergh, Her good looks accompanied with a strong personality,made the process of the interview a complete delight.Currently living in Paris,she undoubtedly has a lot to say about modelling and fashion industry,from the side of an ‘insider’.Here she is interviewed by Sybilia,an exclusivity,we all here feel proud of!

What mostly influenced you to get involved with fashion?
Well, I have to say, that I fell into fashion…I didn’t choose. I was discovered in the tramway in Vienna while I was a student.

How you will describe your personal aesthetics/vision?
Have style, fashion is getting out of fashion…Style is eternal…

– Is there something you ‘like to do/work for and haven’t done it so far?
I’m starting to organize some shows for the fashion week and shootings for young
Designers. I would like to develop that more. I’m a great organizer. That’s my German roots…(.like Lagerfeld perhaps)

-Are there any contemporary (or older) creatives that influenced you?Both! I love Azzedine ALAIA, Yves Saint Laurent (himself) Karl Lagerfeld, Alexandre Vauthier, Hervé Leger…..

-How does it feel to be a renowned photographer’s muse?
Good of course….but also funny, because I’m already exposed in all museums of the world, but I’m not THAT old…;-)

Helmut Newton for AMICA

Helmut Newton for AMICA

Helmut Newton with his wife and model Sylvia Gobbel

Helmut Newton with his wife, and model Sylvia Gobbel

Sylvia today (2014) photo Franck Glenisson

Sylvia today (2014) photo Franck Glenisson

Sylvia French VOGUE november 2012 photographer David SIMS

Sylvia French VOGUE november 2012 photographer David SIMS

Hedi Slimane: “Sonic” exhibition, at Fondation Pierre Bergé- Yves Saint Lauren,Paris

Amy Whinehouse, photo by Hedi Slimane.

Amy Whinehouse, photo by Hedi Slimane.

I belong to the small group of people (a minority of course) that think Hedi Slimane’s a much better photographer that a fashion designer.That said,i cannot but visit the ‘Sonic’ exhibition in Paris.As properly described by Pierre Groppo ,” Fashion and music are the two central pillars underpinning Hedi Slimane’s creativity, that he has been exploring since the mid-1990s. Saint Laurent’s design and image director has been painstakingly documenting his ongoing voyage of musical discovery in black and white, to produce a body of work that he shares regularly on his various digital journals, accessible viawww. This extensive body of work is now coming to the Fondation Pierre Bergé – Yves Saint Laurent, with Sonic, an exhibition that brings together portraits of musical heros including Lou Reed, Amy Winehouse and Brian Wilson with a video installation retracing the London and  California periods of an artist whose sensitive eye settles comfortably on several different generations.”We couldn’t have summoned it better.

(Hedi Slimane: Sonic, at Fondation Pierre Bergé Yves Saint Laurent,

3 rue Léonce Reynaud 75116 Paris, from September 18.


Gareth Pugh’s choreographed tornado, British folklore and his multiscale performance in New York.

download (1)

Just days after the interior choreographed tornado in a multiscale performance that requested the audience’s participation to purely experience the essence of it,he opens up in a interview for nymag. The Cut,featured below:

What did you think of the presentation?
I watched it from the wings and it went up well. I’ve always wanted to do something on this scale that felt quite immersive. When Lexus asked me to be part of their event, it was kind of a no-brainer. We had to cancel my show in Paris, which I guess is quite a big deal. But to be able to now do something like this is dream come true.

Lexus told me that you did this in two months.
The collection obviously was in my head, and we were working on it a lot before. But then when this came up, it basically just freed [me] — to do a collection that goes down a runway is very different than doing a collection that works on film. It enabled us to do a lot more interesting things than we would have normally been able to do. 

You’ve done video presentations before. How is this one special?
We’ve never mixed — we’ve never had more than one video and we have three. We’ve never mixed live performance. It’s all based on British folklore. The first installation is very ordered and structured, like a strong circle. All of characters that inhabit are characters from [fables and legends]. It’s very much about the seasons, paganism, and referencing gods of the harvest and gods of the sea. So you’ve got that, and then it moves on to this chaotic elemental, visceral thing.

Tell me about the tornado.
It’s an idea of building something up and tearing it down again, which then leads to the end thing. She’s down on the ground like a maple with all these fabric strips, which then raise up and form this image like a phoenix. It’s birth, renewal, death, and rebirth. When something ends, something new begins. It’s kind of, for me, an optimistic message. And then at 10:30, we run the whole thing again. It instills the idea of something cyclical — like fashion, I guess. It’s what creative people do. They do something, they move on. You grow from it. It’s an evolution.

In past interviews, you mentioned that this was among your more expensive shows.
We would have never been able to do this on our own. Lexus has been great. They’ve kind of just given me free rein to do whatever. 

Did you choreograph the show as well?
Wayne McGregor came over. We shot everything in New York in the middle of August for the films. He came over to direct the models and dancers that we had onscreen. And then he came over again with his dance troupe.

Can you tell me about the second act more? I’ve seen those tornadoes at science museums.
There’s a guy Daniel Wurtzel, who’s an artist who creates all these amazing installations with air. I’ve always wanted to work with him. I discovered his work about four years ago. He’s always been in my bookmarks bar on my computer. Luckily, he lives in Brooklyn. I got asked to do this project, and I was like, “We have to work with guy.” He creates this magical thing that appears from nowhere and then disappears.

(courtesy of ‘The Cut’ )

Rebecca Minkoff Wants YOU To Dictate Her Fashion Week Show Looks!(And raises serious thoughts)


Rebecca Minkoff is no stranger to working a new digi-craze in with her scheduled show at New York Fashion Week, but we did not see this bold techni-move coming. Fashion Week
Last season, the 33-year-old designer gave her fans a glimpse at what really goes on behind the scenes at a fashion house by streaming content through video app Keek, and the season previous she became the first designer ever to engage her audience through images she shared on Snapchat.
This year, however, she’s reverting back to good old Instagram to do something that would give most designers heart palpitations; she’s giving her Instagram followers the chance to choose the looks that will make her final NYFW show edit.

The previously unheard of move might sound drastic but it’s insatiably clever. While it goes without saying the the vast majority of her fans won’t be in attendance at her Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week show, this unique venture allows them to get involved with the preparation process like never before.

On September 2nd, Rebecca will post images of two looks styled from her spring/summer 2015 collection – which is due to be shown the following Friday – and invite her followers to vote on their favourite look (we’re guessing via the powerful medium of the ‘like’).

What happens to the look that falls short you ask? It’s gone. Dunzo. Completely cut from the show. Ouch…

You might wonder why she’s throwing all of that hard work away just like that. Well, the reason is pretty great. They’ve done it solely so that the brand’s fans can ‘have a hand in creating what her new collection will be.’ Talk about audience participation.

The power is officially in your hands. Be sure to check out Rebecca Minkoff’s Instagram on the 2nd of September to cast your vote. After all, this might be our only opportunity to dictate the contents of a Fashion Week show, and we’re definitely not going to pass up on the chance…


Marking the birthday of Gabrielle Chanel-Quotes and Iconic looks.


”A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous.”


“The most courageous act is still to think for yourself. Aloud.

“Dress shabbily and they remember the dress; dress impeccably and they remember the woman.”


“In order to be irreplaceacle, one must always be different.”


“Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance”


“If you were born without wings, do nothing to prevent them from growing.”


“I don’t do fashion, I AM fashion.”


“Women think of all colors except the absence of color. I have said that black has it all. White too. Their beauty is absolute. It is the perfect harmony.


The Best Dressed Celebrities at the ‘Creative Arts Emmy Awards’ red carpet.

The ‘Creative Arts Emmy Awards’ is the event that most tv stars appear in celebration of the hard work being done behind the scenes for people to enjoy their favorite tv shows (and perhaps them starring at those).As for any red carpet event though,the ‘Best Dressed’ celebrity list is there.Enjoy.


Keltie Knight


Cat Deeley in Sachin & Babi Noir


Sarah Rafferty


Bellamy Young in Naeem Khan


Troian Bellisario


Nikki Reed in Versace


Heidi Klum