Reality check: Balmain’s ‘Fashion Revolution’ is everything but the clothes.


Just when i was starting to wonder what Olivier Rousteing will now invent to distract us from him ‘designing’ the uninspired kitsch/cheapest looking clothes we’ve seen for years,he plays once more the wow factor in terms of marketing.He taps Claudia Schiffer, Cindy Crawford and Naomi Campbell to star in the new Balmain SS16 campaign, for sure success. After all,its a 90’s top model reunion we haven’t seen for years and its destined to cause a huge sensation.The interesting thing is that the models’ clothes seem also to have come from the 90’s.And not in a good sense.

Olivier Rousteing himself commented that:“When I was a schoolboy in Bordeaux, it was their editorials that first made clear to me the amazing transformative power of fashion,” he said. “Still today, many years on, their iconic images are often found amongst the jumble on mood boards in my (and almost every other designers’) atelier. To say that working with them was a dream come true is no exaggeration.” WGSN Womenswear Associate Editor Laura Yiannakou has managed to find the overall cultural meaning of the campaign but noticing that: ”“With the trend for all things 1990s still booming, it doesn’t surprise me that Rousteing has tapped the most iconic supermodels of that era for this shoot. I think it also sends a really strong positive message out there – not only to modelling agencies – but also to the consumer, that it’s not all about beautiful 16 year olds – the slightly older woman can be just as desirable as an icon,”

Wait a set here.A ‘fashion revolution’ is mostly about the clothes and the way they are presented to the public,think Alexander McQueen, Maison Margiela and you’re in.Most of all think exquisite clothes,flawless pasterns and a show staging that enhanced those qualities.Olivier Rousteing’s Balmain is all about the celebs,the media,the hype but definitely not the clothes as he has proved so far he cant design,albeit being a designer.Yet it is sad to see the House of Balmain  becoming an expensive Topshop,even though when knowing that the sales are growing especially in youth,a target group that has never encountered Balmain as it really were,a House of High Design and exceptional aesthetics.In the case of Rousteing,his work is nothing but a blasphemy to Balmain’s history-thank god that those rich kids cant tell the difference between a Zara and a couture outfit. Until when?

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