ANDRE COURREGES- A “Couture Future” revolutionary.


”If my subject is a woman, perhaps I will make a dress. But from time to time a mere dress is not sufficient to communicate the full range of emotions I need to get across. So I turn to some other vehicle for the purpose — architecture, for example. ” ~André Courrèges~


André Courrèges was one of a French Haute Couture triumvirate (the other members being Paco Rabanne & Pierre Cardin) whose innovation and individual style helped to define a whole new era of fashion during the 1960’s. André Courrèges was born in Pau the 9th of March 1923.A Sportsman, in love with light. Studies at Ponts et Chaussées, where he discovers architecture, an art and a technique that will influence all his work. Arrives in Paris in 1945, starts working at Balenciaga in 1950. Opens his couture house in 1961. Thanks to him, women discover pants in 1963.Another revolution in 1965 the presentation of the iconic miniskirt. Creation of Couture Future in 1967, a high-end ready-to-wear for all women. Another innovation,Second-skin stockings in 1967 is met with enthusiasm.He will be greatly missed.

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