Desperate for attention,Gucci ‘Dresses’ Parthenon Sculptures; UNESCO Reacts


It would have been amusing if it weren’t plain pathetic. The birth of Athena and Dionysus in colorful shorts carrying a handbag while taking a selfie, were only a few of the videos uploaded by Gucci on the company’s officials Instagram accounts. Other videos show Cecrops dressed like a hippy, Ilissos wearing women’s accessories and Callirhoe holding an iPhone while she watches the fight between Poseidon and Athena about the city of Athens.

via Greek Reporter

The video published on the fashion house’s Instagram account caused the strong reaction of the Club for UNESCO of Piraeus and Islands which released a statement condemning this act. In fact, the official statement noted the unique ancient Greek sculptures were vandalized.

These images show no respect for one of UNESCO’s World Heritage monuments, wrote the club. The videos are mocking the symbols that have inspired artists across the world for centuries. The company made a joke of the Greek people’s struggle for the return of the Parthenon marbles, which was made to look as an insignificant detail, in front of the company’s sales gains, added the statement.

“The company’s intervention showed the ancient Greek gods in GUCCI clothing, with complete disregard for the cultural significance of the sculptures,” the statement written by the club continues.

Club for UNESCO of Piraeus and Islands aims to promote and protect World Heritage monuments, the organization is also fighting for the return of the Parthenon marbles.


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