Photographer Ron Goldstein-The master Iconoclast in an ‘about all’ interview


Ron Goldstein is an established, published fashion, beauty and product photographer, with over 15 years of experience. Ron’s body of work has taken him around the globe and includes commissions from designers, jewelry manufacturers, retailers and model agencies from NYC, Los Angeles, Berlin, Milano & Paris. Through his photography, With cinema inspired influences, conceptualized timelines, characters and emotions Ron invites the viewer to engage and indulge in his innermost desires, while striving to create images that reflect the needs and goals of each individual client.And,it is exactly this cinematic yet glossy style than made him stand out in his very beginning.I am happy to present Ron Goldstein taking the page’s questionnaire.Enjoy!

What mostly influenced you to get involved with fashion photography?

What got me and interest me in getting into beauty and Fashion photography is the ability to create a story, a feeling and a dream within the art and commerce, also combining social, political and humanitarian conceptualism within those stories . taking the viewer into different places, worlds and emotions while utilising the power within imagery through design, architecture. landscape, cityscape and timelines.

What about cinema as an inspiration to your work? Sometimes they appear quite.. ’’cinematic’’.

.I love the world of cinema, I find the story telling and craftsmanship of film making amazing. the process, dedication, team work, idea and result achieved. it is the media I find the most inspiring to me. the ability to take the viewer into a perfect dream, take him for a moment of time out of their lives and fly into a new reality of time. from the innovation of the story through its process of creating to hitting the impact on the viewer and making them feel each moment within it.
Is there something you like to do/work for and haven’t done it so far?

There are many things I would like to create that I haven’t done so far, mostly within motion in particular. something i am working on at the moment.

Have got an advice for young, aspiring photographers?

There are so many advices I could give but the most, is to follow what you love. the world of photography and visuals is so highly saturated of amazing talents and a high competition that it is easy getting lost and confused in all of that when you begin. not to have fear of experimenting , try new things and take risks. and mostly never give up even if the road is not an easy one. if its your dream make it a reality.

Social media and photography-how the perception of photography is influenced?.

In my opinion there the good and the bad within social media, on one hand it opens the mind and accessibility to for so many, gives a platform to present and show ones creative outputs, personas and voice all across the world and enriches people. on the other hand from the over saturation it can kill by time the prestige, craftsmanship and uniqueness to some of the work, it can create a visual salad.
The print platform is losing its strength and the commercial market also can suffer from it. and many viewers can get lost by over saturation of visuals that mixes into one.
















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