Mango Copying Gucci collection-and it shows.


While we have been moving away from purely copycat-centric articles, in favor of more in-depth legal and business posts, there are some instances that simply cannot go unmentioned. So, enter Mango’s “Floral Print Flowy Dress,” which is an undeniable copy of one of Gucci creative director Alessandro Michele’s most noteworthy designs since he took the helm of the Florence-based house almost a year ago, the printed silk-georgette mini dress. It seems Mango has not only co-opted the color and flower (that would be the hydrangea), but it has also utilized the length and general airiness of the original, as well. Also note that the Spanish fast fashion retailer’s copycat ways do not stop there; it has splashed the print on a number of other styles, including two additional dresses and a top, and utilized it against a blue background, much like Gucci also did for Fall/Winter 2015. And just to make sure we get the point that its absolutely copying Gucci, Mango is offering a pleated leather skirt, sheer lace tank top look – also taken directly from the Gucci Fall/Winter 2015 runway. This is bad.Indeed..

( via TFL )

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