Viperblack, the first blacker than black t-shirt.


Its true,there is a color blacker than black and now you also may wear it as a T-Shirt!.Designer Phoebe Heess and creative partner Gabriel Platt have actually started a  Kickstarter campaign to fund the production of every goth’s dream,the fabric that is blacker of black.Now,how do someone create this?Their Kickstarter info are enlighting.

”How do you create a fabric that is blacker than black? The blackest material on earth is made of carbon nanotubes. However, nano particles aren’t fit to wear on your skin. But in nature, there is an example of an organism that uses ultra black: The Gaboon Viper. It’s solution led us to a prototype which reflects 40% less light than any other black fabric we tested it against.”



In the high fashion segment, prices for a comparable product are around 200$. But that’s without the novelty of our innovation. Large corporations are subject to an enormous pressure to make a profit. This leads to, for us unacceptable, social and environmental consequences in the producing countries. We therefore design and produce in Germany with high tech materials from Switzerland, holding quality, social and environmental responsibility in highest regard.

”We believe in exceptionally well designed simplicity. That’s why you won’t find greeting cards, stitched monograms or early bird rewards including a night partying at Berghain (we might throw a party in Berlin, though, if this goes exceptionally well).
There is just the Viperblack t-shirt and a business option for 10 or 100 shirts. That’s it.
If funded, rewards will ship in March 2016.’


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