Towards a new sensuality in fashion.

Gucci Fall15 RTW
Gucci Fall15 RTW

Yes,its this new sensual mood that represents a turn to glamour-this time though tempered by the values of permanence and quality.Disposable fashion is constantly changing and lacks quality-its time to recognize its a new movement in fashion towards sensuality,about the sensation of fabric on the skin.A reinvention of elegance is taking place and requires clothes of pure quality,luxurious fabrics  and exquisite details.This evaluation of crftamship has never seized to inspire fashion just as customers want both,the trendy and the timeless.There is a desire for elaborate craftsmanship devoted of extravaganza or any display of wealth or trendiness presented in a bold logo.All the more people will realize that in fashion we can reconnect with the past while reshaping the future ,be bold and display sensuality not sexuality. With this new luxury re are to also interpret the world round us and timeless values are a strong sense of stability and guaranteed quality in a society that’s constantly changing,Once more, the ”aristocrats” of fashion,the visionaries are slowly changing the fashion map,ignoring loud retail glamour for ”the whisper”,as Alber Elbaz put it,the very whisper of evolution.

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