‘Divine Beauty’ photo essay by artist/photographer Gaby Herbstein


The photo essay Divine Beauty (2015) is the latest work of the artist and it represents Sacred Geometry; the study of how spirit is unified with matter, amplifying and resonating through the geometry of nature and planetary motions, in order to be able to align the resonance of the body/ mind/ spirit with the harmonic frequency of all; in order to see the way of all reality manifested from the initial point of creation to return to the origin. The selection of 13 manifestations of beauty along with the elements that define them, in the form of portraits of 13 girls aged 8 to 12 years, suggests a retrospective search of Herbstein to her childhood, and the ways of gazing that belong to the age of infant innocence, which are at the same time witnesses of something ancient and very deep. A gaze that is later in life lost and which the photographer tries to rescue thanks to her work of spiritual search.

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