the_small_dark_diamond_notjustalabel_309669229 the_small_dark_clutch_notjustalabel_1011024969

Fashion becomes material artefact under the skilled hands of Serbia’s Lamat, whose expertly engineered accessories melt exceptional aesthetics with sculptural form.She states: ”I’ve always wondered about life and death. But if the energy never dies, the thing that burdens us every day, the fear of dying, becomes obsolete. If the death is merely another beginning, what is really left to be frighten about?
This collection is meant to be exactly about that. Creating the objects that have new spark of life in them. Energy scattered in an aftermath of a dying bag, captured in a new item that represents life. A constant reminder that helps to overcome every day obstacles, whit a newfound strength.
So, why then, the death of the bag?
Because I wanted to create an item that is not confined by the definition of what the bag is. This item should represent the aftermath of what where to happen if the bag as we know it is to die. Leaving this world in a spectacular bang.
The new beginning of it all.”

the_dark_armour_notjustalabel_1671184779 supernova_chain_wallet_notjustalabel_1940620470

Ivana Damjanović was born on 30.05.1984. in Belgrade, Serbia. She has graduated from Faculty Of Applied Arts, University of Arts in 2007, taking interior and furniture design as a major subject. During studies Ivana developed interest in sculpture and costume. From combination of acquired knowledge, Ivana started creating jewelry. In 2009, started her brand “Koishi”. Ivana lives and works in Belgrade.

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