Fashion and Democracy?Balmain x H&M flag-sheep are here.


I must admit i feel appalled by the whole Balmain x H&M thing.The frenzy that has been created via social media and advertised with a bunch of (even reality oriented) celebrities in an uber glamorous campaign has finally fruited.People waiting out of flagship H&M stores to get a jacket or even a sleeve of the desired collection.The so called ‘democratization’ of fashion lead shoppers in stores to buy flamboyant  items of mediocre quality.At last,common people can have one or two pieces of Balmainish items to be proud of.The question to be set here is:would anyone queue,fight with security guards,compose rave reviews if the actual collection hasn’t been advertised as the ”holy grail” of fashionistas?Even after being asked to follow strict instructions-such as ”The first 420 shoppers in line for the Balmain x H&M collection will be given a colored bracelet — there are 14 colors with one for each group of 30 people. Each group will have 15 minutes to shop the collection. After the last group, whatever is left will be available to everyone in the store.
Purchases online are limited to one per style per customer.Purchases in stores are limited to two per style per customer.” Does that sound democratic to you? To cut a long story short, i wont be queuing or ordering items on-line.Going with my own rules means reaching the collection items should i desire to via lets say,Ebay,as flamboyant as it should be for a BalmainxH&M collection,for a fraction of real Balmain pieces,knowing i’m wearing a replica,Balmain’s social media presence ( with a bunch of celebrities promoting the collection via Instagram weeks ago) convincing me its a piece of the couture dream.No,thanks.There are exceptional young, emerging designers worth my money and time more than this reality/real life circus.

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