Iris Van Gelder’s fab fashion collages-The Interview.


There is a strong sense of quality work that got me engaged in Iris Van Gelder’s world of fashion collages.Impeccable style,witty combinations and the actual ”rebirth” of each image being collage-d were more than enough reasons to interview her,the Sybilia way..Enjoy!

-What mostly influenced you to get involved with fashion/art?

When I was a little girl my mother took me to museums and art galleries. This is what sparked my interest in Surrealism. Fashion was also a big part of my up bringing and I was already reading fashion bibles such as Vogue from a very young age.
During my studies I did styling and photography, but it wasn’t my true passion.
When I made collages I could combine everything I love and this is what makes me truly happy.

-How you will describe your personal aesthetics/vision?
My work is a mixture of fashion, jewellery and architecture.
The combination of images makes my collages very surrealistic.

– Is there something you ‘like to do/work for and haven’t done it so far?

I would love to work on ad campaigns, work with famous photographers on editorials and do (solo) exhibitions. I think there are a lot of opportunities I haven’t thought of yet. I’m excited to try new things and take on new creative challenges.

-Are there any contemporary (or older) creative that influenced you?

I’m fascinated by the work of Magritte. I love Yayoi Kusama, Marina Abramović and Jeff Koons. I’m not sure how they influence me but they are sure inspiring as artists and as business people.




All collages are handmade by Iris Van Gelder.For contact/commissions:

More here

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