#GucciGram-The new Instagram based project by Gucci


The line between fashion and art has often been blurred, but probably never as blatantly as Gucci’s new Instagram initiative, #GucciGram. Now users of the app will find Gucci-filled artworks amongst the Kim Kardashian selfies and shoe still-lives that usually fill up your feed.

via Elle.com

Yesterday Gucci creative-director, Alessandro Michele, invited artists to use and re-work popular Gucci prints, floral #GGBlooms or #GGCaleido, into their artwork and share them with the world on social media. The result? A diverse mix of everything from 19th Century women with a Gucci handbag, to fun gifs and illustrations.

As well as sharing on their on social-media, Gucci will also be displaying the full collection of entries on the Gucci website featuring work of an array of artists from the Internationally famous to emerging new talent. ‘#GucciGram is a starting point to tell different stories, which are unlimited by a great freedom,’ said Alessandro Michele, a designer who we so often see is inspired by an eclectic-mix of the old and the new. ‘Today creativity is often born and finds its voice in digital media, a vital






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