Amazing ”Plastic Fantastic” editorial by TOMAAS photography

2d7cda17064494.5603b6eac225a 8eb6a717064484.5603b6ec15774 30b66d17064490.5603b86a60257 59f5ac17064480.5603b83e6773f 101c9417064478.5603b8a041a45 164a7b17064470.5603b86a5b59b 1417ee17064476.5603b83e762c7 6065af17064496.5603b71f4ca61 17398417064472.5603b880bc2f9 a1d60717064482.5603b8a0eb3c9 d609e017064486.5603b6ec3eb69 f64c5f17064492.5603b880df1db f517ee17064488.5603b880bfd2f

Photographer: TOMAAS
Stylist: Carla Engler
Represented by BryantBantry Reps
Make Up Artist: FionaThatcher For Make Up For Ever.
Hair Stylist: Seiji Uehara, Represented By Ennis, Inc
Post Production:Elena Levenets
Model: Lisette @ Ford Models

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