Fashion meets cinema:Giorgio Armani presents the second ”Films Of City Frames” project


The project, started in 2014, attests to Giorgio Armani’s deep connection to the world of cinema.

This year Films of City Frames includes students from four prestigious international film schools: the Holden School (Turin), the Academia Internacional de Cinema (São Paulo), the Sydney Film School (Sydney) and the Seoul Institute of the Arts (Seoul).

The aspiring directors will create short films inspired by real lives, told through the eyes and emotions of characters immersed in the reality of their everyday life. The glasses from Giorgio Armani’s Frames of Life collection are the element that bond the stories with a precise narrative role, through which the characters observe reality, capture sensations and live events in their respective cities which, for this edition, serve as frames to the stories themselves.

The short films will be presented this October in London during the 59th BFI London Film Festival. Organized by the British Film Institute, it is an iconic international film festival that supports London’s position as the world’s leading creative city. It presents the best new British and international films to an expanding London and UK-wide audience and provides career-enabling opportunities for British and international filmmakers through its industry

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