Adrian Woods & Gidi van Maarseveen lensed ”Designer Barbies project” for Vogue Italia

”Designer Barbies project” was commissioned by Vogue Italia.Adrian Woods & Gidi van Maarseveen shoot an editorial, featuring 20 Barbie’s wearing designs by new and established designers. They designed and built a paper crafted studio environment to create the  images, combining the barbie in a set with a close up/beauty shot.

4d368630251663.561b7f893bca1 019bdf30251663.561b7f893ac09 842aeb30251663.561b7f8937d1f 9452ad30251663.561b7f892fa7e 05186030251663.561b7f8933ee4 12918630251663.561b7f892ebf1 a5bae630251663.561b7f893fcde c0815330251663.561b7f893ec23 d5289430251663.561b7f8930aa8

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