Balmain xH&M collection Instagram leaked.Mistake or publicity stunt?


Unbelievably Balmain’s highly anticipated/well hidden collection with H&M has just popped up in an instagram account of a person that appears to have little or no relation to fashion whatsoever.

Writer Kathryn Swartz Rees. Rees managed to leak 99 pictures of the collection,not bad if you consider that the total designs for H&M reach the number of 100.What’s most bafffling is that she claims she did it directly from the H&M URL.Her statement was that just:“The real story is terribly unexciting: H&M’s site was indexed by Google and I happened to search at the right time using the right parameters. All images were taken from that H&M URL. No surprise, that site is no longer live. A good note to web dev teams working on super hot designer collabs: stay in your sandbox!”

Another publicity stunt?We’ll perhaps never know.What we know is that now everyone’s is speaking about the Balmain x H7M collaboration….not bad,indeed..

Balmain 4 balmain-dress

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