Discussing Fashion Weeks,celebrities and designers who design- All with Jeffrey Felner

Martin Grant photos spring 2015
Martin Grant  backstage photo spring 2015

There is something deeply ethical with Jeffrey Felner speaking the truth about a fashion crime,while other reviewers enthusiastically call it ”concept”.He is old enough to know that fashion has rules and young enough to defend them in public via his Blogspot account or his placement at New York’s Examiner.Some people have a lot to learn by carefully reading his reviews,trust me..

How do you see NYFW in relation with what was before?
Once upon a time there was such a thing as market weeks which were when stores buyers and press converged on the city in order to see shows and do their buying. The so called “couture” collections such as Beene and Blass and Oscar were part of that top tier of fashion. Collections were exactly that… collections that were emblematic of each designer and not about the latest trned or the trickiest clothes

Designers tend to employ celebrities for publicity reasons, take the Balmain/KK case. What do you think?
I remain steadfast in my belief that front rows are just a load of bull. Clothes sell in stores and not from front rows. Most people neglect to realize that so much of who sits in the front row has either been given the clothes or paid to sit through the show. Who sits in the front row doesn’t add or subtract from the horror or the beauty of a collection.

Name a few designers you feel they’ve got real talent but are underestimated.
Martin Grant, LOYD / FORD, Norman Ambrose, Michael Boris, Georgine, Massimiliano Giornetti and those just come to mind first….

Do you think that Anna Wintour has played a major role in how fashion is perceived today?
I think that AW has changed fashion in ways that might never be altered. She has turned Vogue into a freak show and nothing more than an advertising catalog for big brands. She has played and used designers and celebrities to boost HER bottom line. She has been instrumental is the hiring of ill equipped designers to helm major fashion brands and so yes she has possibly changed the complexion of fashion irreparably.


(Jeffrey Felner

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