Christian Dior Spring 2016 RTW-”Desperately seeking inspiration”


I have argued in the past that Raf Simons isnt the man to hold the reins in such an iconic House as the Christian Dior one.His Spring 2016 RTW not only proved he’s unable to work with and develop the huge Dior dna database,it also showcased that his ‘concept’ can also be catastrophic.

Simon’s defined his current view as ”a calm one, and very soft—away from the overdone”. He also stated the South of France as a source of inspiration along with victorial underwear.The result served neither of the above.A series of ill-fitting cotton dresses,shorts,and blazers,oversized knits and an obsession for simplicity that made the whole collection appear…embarassigly amateurish.For a House under the name of Dior this is unforgiving.And,no, the focus at the neck with chockers and scarves featuring a metal tag that read 1947, the date of Dior’s iconic New Look collection didnt help..In fact, those metal tags where the closest thing to the Dior heritage..Pathetic..

_DIO0081 _DIO0161 _DIO0355 _DIO0620 _DIO0702 _DIO0760 _DIO0854 _DIO0910 _DIO0936

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