“On Fashion Ethics-The Olsens/ Lalani & Gucci/Bijules issues”

We are all aware that the fashion industry is a jungle with hundreds of talents trying to surface and get noticed.Sometimes less known but extremely talented designers have to face unethical behavior and arrogance from well established fashion companies-that is using their ideas,forced to work unpaid or uncredited.

Case One

The first case is the Gucci spring 2016 accessories range that featured some nail rings extremely similar to those of Bijules, a New York-based fine jewelry brand.Bijules have been producing this kind of trademark nail rings since 2006.The collection had been succesful so there is no case of coincidence.”While it is an honor to be knocked off by Gucci, they have all of the resources to create something unique; instead they went back to something that’s steadfast and iconic of my company and that is unjust,” stated Kim directly to Fashionista.com “If Gucci sells those nail rings to stores, those stores are going to believe Gucci made them and not me, and that is not a fair statement.“The question here is why Gucci has had to copy instead of producing new,equally iconic designs?(Hear that Alessandro Michele?)

Gucci 2016 RTW rings
Bijules rings

Case two

The second case that recently emerged is the Olsen sisters’ one.The sisters were  ued by a former intern, Shahista Lalani, who says she was overworked with no pay while working for the twins’ licensing and manufacturing company, Dualstar Entertainment Group, in 2012.”You’re like an employee, except you’re not getting paid,” Shahista told the Business Insider. “They’re kind of mean to you. Other interns have cried. I’d see a lot of kids crying doing coffee runs, photocopying stuff.”

olsen twins
Mary-Kate Olsen, left, and Ashely Olsen at the CFDA Fashion Awards.

For all the allure and glamour of the fashion industry,there is an equally present side of unethical,antagonistic,unfair politics.The question here is why established Fashion Houses end up not paying interns or becoming copycats regardless of  all the capital and the resourses to produce fresh,interesting collections. Lack of talent? Arrogance? In anycase… something is rotten in the Kigdom of Fashion…

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