Balenciaga Fires Alexander Wang-let’s focus on fashion from now on!


It’s a fact. BALENCIAGA officially  confirmed that its so far creative director, Alexander Wang,is set to  leave the House. Wang took the helm in late 2012,and kept the title of creative director for almost three years.

Balenciaga and Alexander Wang today announce their joint decision not to renew their contract beyond its initial term,” the French fashion house said in a statement, WWD reports. “Since 2012, Alexander Wang has stood at the creative helm of the maison and has been instrumental in the pursuit of its development. With his proven talent and his irreverent, modern vision of design, Alexander Wang has brought a new impetus to the brand. Balenciaga and Kering would like to thank Alexander Wang for his accomplishments and wish him the very best with his eponymous brand as well as all his future endeavours.”

Well,the truth though still lies out there.Wang has managed to get a fanatic audience with his super-duper-Balenciaga modernism but,when it comes to the codes,the tradition and the dna respect of the house,well he felt short to say the least.He was,if i may say it so,arrogant.The idea that any Kardashian’s wearing your version of Balenciaga isnt a sign of success,its well,quite the opposite.And with Kering sales dropping,well you can’t fool too many for too long.

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