‘Something About Mary” by Nick Knight,on Mary Katranzou’s exceptional work, featuring Karlie Kloss & Lily McDonaldson!


Motivated by the 5-year anniversary of the Mary Katrantzou label and the London-designer’s BFC/Vogue Designer Fashion Fund win in early 2015, top models Lily Donaldson and Karlie Kloss team up with SHOWstudio director Nick Knight to bring key colourful, couture-level pieces from the Katrantzou archive to life in movement.

The film, There’s Something About Mary, unites Katrantzou and Knight’s shared interest in the possibilities and potentialities of the digital realm, offering a modern, whimsical ‘wonderland’ of prints, textures and patterns. Computer-generated prints from Katrantzou’s archive were turned 3D and animated by SHOWstudio video editor Younji Ku, creating a surreal backdrop for Donaldson and Kloss. Set to Prokiev’s waltz, the final piece is a tribute to Katrantzou’s imagination and vision.

All the fantastical frocks featured tell a different story; some highlight Katrantzou’s pioneering approach to print through their surrealist surfaces while others speak of her innovative cutting skills and striking silhouettes. Included pieces date as far back as A/W 09, and include now adored designs such as Typewriter from A/W 12 and Kite Runner from A/W 11.

‘I’ve wanted to collaborate with Nick Knight for as long as I can remember and have always been inspired by his ability to communicate a visual language that transcends all forms of artistic expression. Nick has an amazing vision which filters through into the narrative of the film, beautifully capturing my designs and their evolution from past to present. He is a pioneer in the digital realm and I love the way that he has captured the essence of my work to date,’ explains Katrantzou.

‘I’ve always been fascinated and inspired by digital innovation and new technologies. It underpins so much of the work I do for SHOWstudio as well as my ethos as an image-maker. I think those passions and interests are shared by Mary – her work, especially her pioneering of digital print, is all about embracing the new. She’s also so tuned in to the web and the possibilities of communicating online. This film is full of whimsy and eccentricity; all things that I feel underpin Mary’s designs. Her clothes are so full of narrative and fantasy they are made to be seen in movement,’ adds Knight.

The first part of the film shoot, featuring Karlie Kloss, was streamed live in 2014. The second part, scheduled just after Katrantzou won the Fashion Fund award, featured Lily Donaldson and was streamed live in April 2015. Both days are available to watch on-demand for a unique insight into the creative process behind the film.

(courtesy of Showstudio.com)

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