Gucci Fall 2015 Ready-to-Wear-”The new Gucci is the nowhere Gucci”.

gucci01 gucci30

Alessandro Michele’s Gucci show was a debut and one much expected.Still, there was no effort from the designer to meet any anticipations at all or constructing a personal sartorial vocabulary that would enable him to elevate Gucci’s legacy to new (and modern) heights.“I love the idea that a dress has a memory,” Michele himself stated,yet his work seemed to have no past,let alone a future.There is nothing from the archives,”  he boasted later on  backstage,not realizing perhaps that..yes,this was exactly the problem, not the solution!Gucci is an iconic brand with strong aesthetics and a silhouette that varied from ultra sexy to Giannini’s  subtle sensuality.Instead,we were presented with a collection that clearly aimed to a much younger audience,with pleats,shapeless dresses and a series of ill fitted tuxedos that made Slimane’s Saint Laurent look almost successful..And that is not an euphemism.

gucci13 gucci29 gucci40




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