Marcus Ohlsson lenses Guinevere van Seenus for Vogue Japan December 2014

guinevere-van-seenus-by-marcus-ohlsson-for-vogue-japan-december-2014-6 guinevere-van-seenus-by-marcus-ohlsson-for-vogue-japan-december-2014-5 guinevere-van-seenus-by-marcus-ohlsson-for-vogue-japan-december-2014-4 guinevere-van-seenus-by-marcus-ohlsson-for-vogue-japan-december-2014-3 guinevere-van-seenus-by-marcus-ohlsson-for-vogue-japan-december-2014-2 guinevere-van-seenus-by-marcus-ohlsson-for-vogue-japan-december-2014-1 guinevere-van-seenus-by-marcus-ohlsson-for-vogue-japan-december-2014

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