Dejan Despotovic speaks to Sybilia’s F.D. about his BLACK’D SS15 collection


Dejan Despotovic is one of the few designers that leave nothing to chance.His work,strongly influenced by his artistic interests,in the case of his BLACK’D SS15 collection,music.He describes his work as part of his ”world of imagination’‘ and so is the use of black color.He describes the creative process to Sybilia’s F.D.

”The Collection for SS15 is inspired by music and my world of imagination. I really enjoy listening to classical music when I design and that is something that travels me to the parallel world where I really can imagine how something will look, move and even the details….Of course the process of finding fabrics and detail pieces is long so there is a lot of changes during the process, but the main idea is always there so I am happy to be able to enter that world where I can be by my own and dream about new pieces.
Max Richter is one of the composers who is always there and always inspiring that much that I can stay awake with my pencil and paper until 6 am in the morning, take a shower and go to work.
Black color is again main character in this collection but with different detailing and a lot of playing with forms and leather pieces stitched on mesh or any other fabric.
Accessories became a very important part of my business, because I really started finding my self in that world, and started loving designing Bags, so There will always be more and more bags in next collections. I started with 2 now in SS15 there is 6 bags, so we are moving forward and I love it.:)”
(We are,also loving the whole collection,that’s for sure,let alone the brand new bag designs!)
IMG_6695 IMG_6725 IMG_6793
 IMG_6303 IMG_6346 IMG_6370 IMG_6590 IMG_6764
For further info:

+1 347 567 5680
+ 381 11 344 9663

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