Louis Vuitton Spring 2015 RTW- ”Destination:Ghesquière”


Allow me to explain something-its not that i didn’t like Ghesquière’s  collection for Louis Vuitton,its that no matter how spacey or fashion forward his work is,i have the strong feeling i’d seen some of the items elsewhere..in another House perhaps. His version of woman wears tight leather items that look seriously low quality  and out of a flea market,let alone the miniature size of dresses and skirts.Whilst i enjoyed some of the dresses in lazer cut patterns or the tote’s, i see no point in not using the large LV archives instead of proudly exposing the Fondation Louis Vuitton as a ‘spaceship to chic” Worst of all,the outfits were so poor-styled,you could feel colors and patterns clashing,not in a very… creative way.In any case,the buyers are the ones to determine whether he will keep on ‘experimenting’ on safe grounds or dive into the fabulous work being done in LV in the past. (And by that,i don’t mean Marc Jacobs…)



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