“Prelude for a Symphony in Black”-Matteo Levaggi | Corpicrudi (Live installation performed by Samantha Stella and Matteo Levaggi)

”Some are born to endless night.”

~William Blake~

Prelude for a Symphony in Black
Prelude for a Symphony in Black

The Italian Cultural Institute of Los Angeles in collaboration with Concept Los Angeles, presents
Prelude for a Symphony in Black by Matteo Levaggi | Corpicrudi. The live installation performed by
Samantha Stella and Matteo Levaggi has its American première next October 11th, 2014 9 PM at Ace
Museum during Concept Shows SS2015 presentation on the occasion of LA fashion week. Live music
by Von Haze, the Brooklyn duo of Katherine Kin and Travis Caine, featuring designs by Frances
Prelude for a Symphony in Black is a dual cry in the career of two artistic groups that have been
working together successfully for many years: the return to the scene of choreographer Matteo Levaggi
and the assertion of the partnership of Levaggi | Corpicrudi (visual artists Samantha Stella and Sergio
Frazzingaro), as an independent project in which the visions of life and death, eternity and
transitoriness, the decadence of our times and the tension towards classical rigour are only a few of the
most significant elements.
Levaggi makes his return as a dancer-body after a fertile career in choreography including Primo
Toccare (Joyce Theater New York 2009, a “sublime gentleness” according to the Financial Times) and
the 2013 version of his Caravaggio, presented at LACMA Museum in Los Angeles for the LA
Contemporary Dance Company. The Primo Toccare (First Touch) trilogy was the first partnership
between Levaggi and Corpicrudi to give rise to new visions of the concept of ballet, which has become
more and more intimate as the years have gone by, through the subsequent Le Vergini (The Virgins,
International Ballet Fest of Miami and MilanOltre 2011), created as an all-round work of art with a
book and a video and photo exhibition at Guidi&Schoen contemporary art gallery. While the previous
projects were produced by Balletto Teatro di Torino, Prelude for a Symphony in Black is the first in a
new series of independent creations and had its debut at Teatro Elfo Puccini in Milan in April 2014
with the live participation of noise-rock band The Death of Anna Karina, which Rumore magazine calls
one of Italy’s best live acts: a physical evocation and vision created as a compendium to the Symphony
in Black installation featuring neoclassical sculptures and black and white photographs which
Corpicrudi presented at Traffic Gallery during the international art fair for contemporary art Artefiera
Bologna 2014.

“The nightly ritual of Prelude is being celebrated in this magic circle.”
Valeria Crippa, BALLET2000 no. 247, July 2014


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