Dolce et Gabbana Spring 2015 Ready-to-Wear:”The Spanish Invasion”



My personal preference of Dolce et Gabbana’s work might make this short review somehow biased still i can’t but find interesting the duos shift of inspiration:from Sicily life to Spain’s invasion to this land. As Stefano Gabbana pointed out: ” After a 200-year occupation,the Spanish left a lot of things: baroque, religion, colour, flowers”. Merging the above with Sicilian religious motifs and a strong vision on female sexuality,Dolce et Gabbana delivered a flawless collection,perhaps too ”D&G”, still,in the end of the day,this is their visual vocabulary distilled into fitted outfits,matador jackets,flamenco skirts and corsets as a means to reshape the female silhouette.With castanets as headgear and super designed transparent shoes,the house rocks,still will probably soon be looking elsewhere for the meantime let us enjoy this one!









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