Tom Ford Spring 2015 Ready-to-Wear-”Is that Fashion?”


Currently revisiting Freeland’s maverick issue on modern art (”Is that Art?”) i could not but pose the same simple question to fashion scholars and editors: ”Is that Fashion?”When a show like the Tom Ford Spring 2015 Ready-to-Wear one delivers  everything associated with cheapness minus the creative bit to later acquire positive reviews, then something’s seriously rotten in the Kingdom of Denmark. The urge to theoretically convince us that ”this is fashion” is there only to prevent by stating the obvious,that we are seriously being misled by an army of editors, publishers and PR experts.Still, no PR or advertising rules will ever be connected with the fashion collection itself,meaning,the garments themselves. Btw, ‘‘he knows how to create a good picture” is not only what’s asked from a fashion designer to do,therefore i read the ‘second notion review’ of Mr Tim Blank,for example, as an excuse and not as a praise.



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