Marios Schwab Spring 2015 Ready-to-Wear-in Marios we trust!


They claim there’s a film-noir elements in Schwab’s collection in the bast,so the new one should have some dark elements. Nop!Like it or not the collection was a lesson in avant garde tailoring and the essence of umber chic with a twist.This season,Schwab’s idea seems to be the re-constructive process and the exploration of  strict, tailor made outfits.And it worked.It was so refreshing to view all items us women mostly use,presented us as never before, pushing thus the boundaries between casual chic and.. hardcore chic.The result?Interesting,floating items,redesigned jackets as well as making references to ancient Greek dressing manners-interesting!Let alone all the process of actually de-constructive using old patterns-turn new, along with flawless and almost new!I’d love to see more black’s actually but i can wait till next season,i swear i will!


output_m3r7Fv (1)




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