Thom Browne Spring 2015 RTW- Fun,Fearless Fashion.

That was it.Just when i was thinking NYFW were so boring i could skip it and review LFW,there comes Thom Browne and his excellent work,forcing me to take the above back .Mea Culpa. The collection was designed with basic,classic shapes in mind,such as the jacket,the waistcoat,the trouser pants.But the fabrics and colors used, where pushing the idea of ‘tailor made’ to extremes.
It is worth mentioning that,even the baldest pieces could have been a sales hit in any ‘wearable fashion’ store.Not many designers can claim the same distinction.Eccentric,genius or provocative (and even kitsch) can be applied to Thom Browne’s work.With the contribution of renowned milliner Steven Jones, the theatrical silhouette as caricature balanced between fun and fashion.And that’s rare,mind you.


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