Katarina Zlajic’s Fashion Jewellery-A name to remember.- ‘Sybilia Diary’ Exclusive



Katarina Zlajic  graduated from Faculty of Fine Arts of the Montenegro University of Arts, Department of Sculpture.With a great deal of work along with a crystal clear idea about personal style and uniqueness,she has managed to create jewelry that look like no other.She tells ”Diary” that : ”This art constitutes the major part of accessories, such as necklaces, collar, bags, glasses,earrings. Essentially, approach to jewellery is artistic, and there lies the uniqueness of models. Models generally give the impression of symmetry and asymmetry,geometry and ornaments through which permeate particularly originality… Each work of art was done exclusively by hand, combined with natural stones and minerals, crystals and zipper,aluminium, wood, stainless steel and above all each piece is unique artistically designed .. The work is based primarily on eliminating the traditional values of the art.” Her work,combining delicate craftsmanship and unique eye for style and detail stands out,,indeed.During out conversation she adds:Inspiration as someone or something does not exist. I think there is a space with a core from which we gain knowledge, strength and inspiration, and I’m sure hence comes the inspiration and to me ”Couldn’t agree more.

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