DKNY RTW Spring 2015:“New York Nation Lost”


I feel i should be very careful while reviewing DKNY as i might sound a biased due to my previous,not-so-great reviews.The issue here is though that not even the brand’s helping me,sending out the runway looks that baffle editors and people.And this time was no exception.The designer noted that her inspiration was the ”urban surrounding of New York” and the energy of the Bog Apple captured in forms and colors.The actual collection presented bore nothing of the above.Bright hues,bold patterns and kaleidoscopic effect were the norn worn with sneakers.In terms of cut,the result was far less interesting as there where oversized almost buggy items,sometimes work one upon the other,A-shape skirts paired with V neck tunics and basic minidresses, and white cardigans closed the presentation.I could hardly stop but feeling that this wasn’t “New York Nation”.It was plain simply,almost offensive.Great handbags though.And eyewear.





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