SPRING 2015 READY-TO-WEAR,BCBG Max Azria review: ”Simplicity as sensuality”

New York Fashion Week has always been,and pardon me, the commercial and in that sense ”the boring” one in juxtaposition to London and Paris.Now,BCBG Max Azria have always been a part of me reviewing New York Fashion week.This time,the BCBG Max Azria collection appeared more like developing the main idea that dominated their previous catwalk work.Its chic,its bohemian and its mostly white or pastel.Sensual dresses and basics  that werent simple in execution-mind you. Max and Lubov Azria stated that their primary inspiration for the particular collection was the Color Reform dyeing process, used to neutralize and recolor old carpets. “I thought, how beautiful to have tradition marry innovation,” Lubov Azria commented after the show.But that’s the issue,it has always been the issue!

Regarding the collection now,i would have preferred more ”personality” than only sensuality and clear cut forms, but the colors worked fine in a vintage yet not boring way.

The prints worked in pure pastels and the whites were interesting in their simplicity.Not a memorable collection i must say that,but a collection from which  i would surely pick an outfit to wear.



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