Krasimira Ivanova Stoyneva:MUUSE x VOGUE Talents – Young Vision Award 2014 final winner-exclusive interview.


Krasimira Ivanova Stoyneva is a young designer from Bulgaria that has already made an impact in the fashion world,including her work being the final winning collection at MUUSE x VOGUE Talents – Young Vision Award 2014.We are therefore happy to feature her Inter-View, with her explaining her concept and overall vision.Certainly a name to watch!

-What mostly influenced you to become a fashion, a couture designer?
I have been drawing all my life. The first thing I can remember to do with Fashion is drawing those paper dolls- sketching, coloring and cutting new outfits all the time. O and my first sawing machine I got it very early probably I was 7 years old (of course a child one), sawing and tailoring have always been present in my family (my bought grandmothers, my mum and my granddad who was the best tailor in town). I have studied fine art for 8 years. I found out that fine are is a bit to slow for me and creating garments was way more interesting end electrifying. I learn to apply all skills gained from fine art such as sculpture, illustration, ext., in to my designing.

-How you will describe your personal aesthetics/vision?
That is a hard question as I move and change everything all the time, we live in a very fast developing environment, things change and move forward every day. I could say that to me is more about the filings and emotions I get in a certain period of time. I want my designs to express freedom, boundaries to be fun and exciting. I love mixing things, fabrics, colors, styles ext., ext.

Is there something you ‘like to do/work for and haven’t done it so far?
Yes. I want to keep on dreaming and achieving. I have always dreamed to create my own brand and work with some off my best friends in it (I already have roles for them created in my head). To be clearer I would say opening my own brand is one of my next big steps, before that happens I will be gaining more experience in the field.

-Are there any contemporary (or older) designers that you find to your taste?

I`ve got many favorite designers, let’s say Christopher Kane for his interesting approaches to design and detail, Stella McCartney for her aesthetic and sustainable collections, Sarah Burton the way she amazingly managed to carry on Alexander McQueen brand and still brings her own style and signature to the collections. Christian Lacroix was the first designer that made me dream of fashion with his collections full of dreams and fairytales ever so beautiful, Jan Paul Goutier my other favorite with his collection always so free and full of attitude. Those are just some of my favorites they all have different qualities and I admire them all for their creativity and qualities.

-Is there a particular woman or a type that you’d like to dress and haven’t had the chance so far?

The woman I would like to dress is free, confident, exciting and fun. When designing my Graduate collection I keep on joking that I`m making one coat for Gaga and Rihanna.


10522095_672535286164973_6939330186813360559_n 10553634_670565299695305_982993804720479811_n IMG_6201


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