V&A’s ‘Horst: Photographer Of Style’ exhibition


Horst: Photographer Of Style’ exhibition is perhaps the most anticipated fashion related exhibition,scheduled to take place at V&A Museum.Photographer Horst P. Horst was a Vogue contributor but his interests were broader,as he was for the search of style,not trends.“Fashion was at the heart of what he did, but there is so much more,”  notes curator Susanna Brown  “The travel, the close-ups, the home and garden shots – they all deserve attention. The funny thing is that for Horst, there were very few “off days” and so it was hard to condense!” The exhibition will include more than 250 photographs from his 60-year career, with an emphasis at the 30s,the blooming of couture.Though he was exacting, taking as long as two days to set up the lighting for one shot,Horst was a pioneer of fashion photography in close relation with its urban surrounding and impose his own aesthetic vision from  the models he chose to his way of working.

Amongst all other photography gems,one must pay attention to the way Horst’s more famous piece is exhibited. The ‘Mainbocher Corset’, is displayed twice: the original picture, capturing a sensual yet loose corset in juxtaposition  to the tightly-bound, (and) retouched version Vogue finally used,a visual explanation why Horst P. Horst wasn’t a fashion photographer,he just delivered fantastic photos no matter what.

horst-exhibition-vogue-2-3sep14-sk_b_426x639 horst-exhibition-vogue-4-3sep14-sk_b_426x639 horst-exhibition-vogue-18-3sep14-sk_b_426x639 horst-exhibition-vogue-20-3sep14-sk_b_426x639 horst-exhibition-vogue-22-3sep14-sk_b_426x639
( photos courtesy:vogue france)

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