ZAC Zac Posen RTW Spring 2015-Street style made chic.


What interests me regarding Zac Posen  is the clarity of the design,the clear shaping present even in the simplest of garments. Zac Posen described the latest collection (from his lower budget line) as:”Dressed-up street style”  marking his effort to combine effortless streetwear and shapey formal dress.

The clever things about this particular collection is that garments did look as much formal,as much street wear as much preppy needed.Great separates shaped a silhouette that could be found wandering around New York-still impeccably dressed.In general,all basics where there:the white dress,the skater skirt,the printed asymmetrical shirt and the mariniere. I quite liked a grey hued degrading  leather jacket and several separates including a  neon blue midi skirt  and a black skater one with applique flowers on it.If we are looking for a collection to boost fashion,well,this wasnt even aiming to make an impact.Still,its aiming at an impact in sales,pretty obviously.

ZAC_Zac_Posen_002_1366.450x675 ZAC_Zac_Posen_007_1366.450x675 ZAC_Zac_Posen_012_1366.450x675 ZAC_Zac_Posen_014_1366.450x675 ZAC_Zac_Posen_019_1366.450x675

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