Rebecca Minkoff to let instagram fans pick her runway looks-freedom or foul play?

Rebecca Minkoff Fall 2014, backstage. Photo: Imaxtree
Rebecca Minkoff Fall 2014, backstage. Photo: Imaxtree

Rebecca Minkoff has made a good deal of use of technology as a means of promoting or advertising her show.Last season, the designer released behind-the-scenes content on video app Keek;She became the first fashion brand to release content through Snapchat application.This season,she’s taking things to another level,this time using instagram and asking her followers to ‘like’ outfits so as to shape her runway looks list according to instagram ‘likes’.

Still,this is a controversial process,and more of all,a fake one.As her spokesperson verified the looks that will have the leas ‘likes’ will not of course eliminated from the runway,just perhaps styled differently.Her aim to allow followers and fans:’‘have a hand in creating what her new collection will be.” It’s clear but,it is also a deceiving one.Because the ‘likes’ wont in the long run mean anything,the garments will normally head to stores free of their Instagram like rate.At the very same time,Rebecca Minkoff gains publicity not only as a techno-savvy fashion brand but also as a ‘democrating’ one-providing the illusion that Instagram followers do participated in the selection of the runway looks.And with this on-line kind-of -vote,she gets useful information regarding consumer ideas and needs without naming it so.Clever.

Apart from the above,this Instagram ‘performance’ claiming to let followers decide the runway looks based on the ‘likes’ those looks gets is slightly worrying.It is the beginning of an era devoted to ‘whatever people wants,people gets” is a step before deciding that sales is all that matters.Creativity and the value of the creative director’s overall concept that runways have been in the past, is giving place to the people marketer.Its is not surprising then that  over years,several young designers have played ‘musical chairs’ amongst highly prestigious couture houses,founding a ‘trade of inspiration’ with sales in mind,thus leaving neither place nor time for a creative vision to be properly unveiled.And that is the foul play of the whole Instagram ‘performance’,in short,Rebecca Minkoff told her followers to play the role of the creative director from afar.Like it or not, i’d say its about time for fashion designers to decide whether they are sales orientated or following their very creative path.Or,that they have the skills and guts to combine both!

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