‘Upstarts’ by Sølve Sundsbø for LOVE Issue# 12 A/W 2014.

”In difficult times fashion has always been outrageous”

~Elsa Schiaparelli~

f597000c6f7713778ce107afbefe9123 2df6b9e9a887e54e6dac1b7dc370ed34 4b902e38b63e2507a837a4e2e27e72b1 37e6168323efda1292f5fc33581bae55 8281a8710a04fad48401402cde1b60c4 9593e79e17dd3235406bc6694031b975 71224ca3b14c468b98452fa9739a8154 6085735e92955abb13bdfd6b98545426 a4eb1d6a5f1036b71f8b5e05eea0a5cc b78012cb6e4390b65ae3496dae165103 ba78f227ef71da3cdf766f11d7eeab0f bb52ea738b717ec5cb4301170d8a9db5 c068d88fe0f35fce07cdd2c1326663cb d53d8bdc69813ff045c659e02260aef3 dac5789e0ff9e451af778fb0bc200862 f5c927d80157d8adcd83f0a6a9848246 f31beaf6275d6284115a35f210c6d23a

Styling: Robbie Spencer;
Hair: Syd Hayes;
Makeup: Isamaya Ffrench, Hiromi Ueda
Manicure: Adam Slee, Imarni
Production: Paula Ekenger, Sally Dawson
Digital: Anna Hendry
Photography assistance: James Whitty, Moritz Kerkmann
Fashion assistance: Lizy Curtis, Elisa Silvestri, Samia Giobellina, Oliver Volquardsen
Hair: Hannah Joy Bull, Ross McLaughlan
Makeup assistance: Nobuko Maekawa, Bea Sweet, Oonah Anderson
Retouching: Digital Light Ltd

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