Designers Against Aids’ New Online Charity Shop is revamped and most promising!


Beauty Without Irony founded Designers Against AIDS (DAA) in 2001 as an answer to the media ambivalence towards HIV/AIDS and sharply increasing infection rates among young people. To effectively reach out to young people, DAA uses pop culture and actual interests of young people such as fashion, music, celebrities, social media… to bring the message that “if you are old enough to have sex, you are old enough to have safe sex”. In 2006 DAA partnered with H&M to create yearly capsule collections under the co-brand name Fashion Against AIDS, featuring reasonably priced / issue oriented pieces designed by celebrities such as Katy Perry, Rihanna, Pharrell Williams /N.E.R.D., Timbaland, Yoko Ono, Ziggy Marley, Robert Smith (The Cure) and countless others. DAA has also collaborated with Eastpak, Playboy Design, Marc Jacobs, Delvaux, JBC, Six Scents Perfumes among others, in reaching out to young people all over the world. In 2010 DAA launched the International HIV/AIDS Awareness Education Center (IHAEC). The training center in Antwerp (Belgium) hosts students from all over the world, teaching them how to set up effective and creative HIV prevention campaigns, using DAA’s pop culture based methodology. The students take this knowledge home, they are encouraged and supported to build up equally successful campaigns in their countries of origin – sharing and spreading their knowledge and experience among their peers. In 2013, DAA expanded to Indonesia (in Bali, specifically), one of the countries with the highest infection rates in the world. Under the banner of Bali Against AIDS, we bring the same pop-based approach in reaching out young people over there.More exciting news?Indeed yes!

Designers against AIDS is revamping their online charity store ( and it’s starting to look pretty good already! Already mentioned in i-D Magazine, Elle Belgique, Gazet van Antwerpen and on the Flanders Fashion Institute blog in this first week, articles are coming up soon in Schön Magazine and more media .Now more than ever there is need for help coming from people inside the fashion industry in order the products in charity store to be as varied as possible (styles, sizes, categories, prices, goodies for women and for men…) to support the work of Designers against AIDS, their education center and  new project ‘Asia against AIDS- Back To Zero’ (the reason that many products in the store are from India, Indonesia and Thailand). The garments/accessories can be new or vintage, samples, special or regular pieces… Anything that you think people will want to buy and that’s in a (near to) perfect condition is perfect for a donation!




(Many thanks to Ninette Murk)

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