‘pontifex maximus’ a fashion project/collection by designer Lasha Devdariani

‘pontifex maximus‘ is the name of the fashion project/lookbook of designer Lasha Devdariani in close collaboration with photographer Data Pirtskhalava and model Tina  Dalakishvili. The minimal outfits lensed in black/white antithesis revoke influences ranging from  punk/post apocalyptic elegance to the all black outfits of Greek Orthodox priests.


unnamed (2)

Lasha Devdariani,holds a Master’s Degree in Fashion Design, Fine Arts Academy of Georgia; graduated with Bachelor’s Degree in State Art and Costume Design at the State Theatre and Cinema University.Professional experience obtained over years in ateliers and studios of various celebrity designers. Over 4 years of teaching practice, exhibitions, collections, personal shows, over 20 student exhibitions. In 2011-2012 participated in Autumn-Winter Tbilisi Fashion Week. In 2011-2012 won the title of the Spring-Summer Newcomers Show. Admires fashion with creative attitudes and author’s vision towards the culture and style of clothes thus depicting the emotion and intellect in exquisite forms, strive to progress in the personal development of the creator and willingness to learn. Lasha Devdariani has won “ Be Next” Fashion Design Contest 2012.

unnamed (1)


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pantifik maximus’ by lasha devdariani, film by katalina bakradze, director of photography levan maisuradze, plus model mariam areshidze

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