‘Oscar de la Renta: Five Decades of Style’ exhibition,Dallas,Texas

I am not interested in shock tactics. I just want to make beautiful clothes.”

~Oscar de la Renta~


This year marks the fiftieth anniversary celebrations of the Oscar de la Renta label and is celebrated by a splendid  exhibition at the George W. Bush Museum in Dallas, Texas.The detailed work and the elegance that defies trends,a vision which the House has maintained from the very start are being showcased in the form of amazing,ladylike dresses, creations suitable to be worn by first Ladies such as Hillary Clinton and Nancy Reagan.Oscar de la Renta dresses,embracing femininity with glamour have been also worn by almost all major Hollywood stars from 1965 onward. The good thing is that ethe 64 designs exhibited introduce us to the chic,romantic and feminine style of the House, still, the exhibition is divided into ”areas of inspiration”, where influences at the Oscar de la Renta work are explored.

From ”Iconic Style for First ladies” to the glam ”Spanish Influence” that characterized his work we are invited to admire the ”Craftsmanship of  Couture”,haute couture sure measure is created. Amongst the most interesting sections of the exhibition is the ”Inspired by the Garden” one,where we perceive the amazing transition from gardening-De la Renta’s  lifelong passion applied in dress floral motifs and embellished gown details.


eye-oscar-exhibit01 eye-oscar-exhibit02 eye-oscar-exhibit05 eye-oscar-exhibit07 eye-oscar-exhibit08 eye-oscar-exhibit09


( All photos by Terri Gianger for the George W.Bush Presidential Center).

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