”Mr. and Mrs. Bugg (dream a vacation)”-a fab fashion/film project by photographer Andreas Waldschütz.


I have always liked conceptual fashion photography,it makes the mind travel by presenting something you already know in a totally new form and context.The work of Austrian photographer/Director .Andreas Waldschuetz is an iconic example of how fashion editorial,conceptual photography and even surrealism merge,to produce an editorial as great as ”Mr. and Mrs Bugg (dream a vacation)”-the one we feature here.Watch and be inspired.

”This  story begins at the place and time where our contemporary world has ended. It could be considered as a moment of dark humor in a post apocalyptic state. After consumption has ended the lives that we once knew, it is at this point that we become products of abandoned spaces, recycled armor, and archived wardrobes.
It is also at this point that we introduce, Mr. and Mrs. Bugg. A short narrative of such an example. Beginning in reality and ending in a dream. (Adia Trischler)”













Directors Adia Trischler and Andreas Waldschuetz
Camera Andreas Waldschuetz
Creative Director/Styling Adia Trischler
Make Up & Hair Stefanie Lamm
Stylist Assistant Ivana Aleksic
Set Assistant Faruk Pinjo
Editing Andreas Waldschuetz
Post Pruduction Thomas Rath
Music and Sound Design Richard Eigner (Ritornell)
Mrs. Bug Jana Wieland @ Wiener Models
Mr. Bug Lorenz Krisai @ Wiener Models
Polyester Cocoons made by Andrea Cammarosano

Fashion by
Wood Wood (Vienna)
Ute Ploier Archive
Caritas Wien

Special Thanks to Gerlind Moeser & Eppel Boote, Asta Krejci-Sebesta and the Escape The Golden Cage Exhibition


More about the artist: www.waldschuetz.com


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