Igor Oussenko’s visual world-exclusive interview to Sybil-Ilia


I am not the only one that consider Igor Oussenko one of the best big things in fashion/editorial photography.He managed to make a strong impression with his Kaleidoscope photography project for a retailer, while climbing the ladder with editorials for major fashion titles.Here featured is an interview to Sybil-Ilia.Take it as an opportunity to familiarize with a photographer that his work have already made an impact.

-Was photography an early passion of yours?Or something you discovered latter on?

Photography was a hobby for me for a long time.But when i’ve got my first camera,at 25,i began practicing in studio and soon started to shoot editorials and advertisement

 Could you say that photographers or other visual artists have had,in multiple ways,influenced your aesthetics?

The highest standard of photography for me is the work of Mert and Marcus and Steven Meisel.They always inspire me.

is there a ”recipe” for a good photography?Are you a fan of ‘retouched’ of the ‘unretouched’ side,btw?

I think that a good photography is the combination of the good light,clever composition plus high quality retouch and correction.The image after retouching must be better than before.Otherwise we have to skip this step or,perhaps,a part of it.

What is the difference between”black and white” and shooting ”in color”?

Black&White pictures focus our mind on the soul of the picture instead of diverting attention to the color.

What is finally the definition of ”beauty” for you?

I shoot mostly people,so i see beauty only naturally.Don’t like the modern ”upgrades” of the naturally born sexuality of the human being.

~And now,a chance to get to know him directly through his work~

4a25ef6f86a7b7c73f6fb4eff8509135 54ecbed13bec83a830364a4141518274 68fb1b46793e88f90efb98a5dad67d0a 1520799_236247429890096_1054588232_n 1920498_10152774162281677_1296411688_n a2049e2eb7bfe5d5369a53bcd0345a61

A sample of his -now famous-Kaleidoscopic series for a bags and shoes retailer.




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